Our Support Policy

AltaPoint Data Systems, LLC offers four levels of technical support. These levels are described below including current pricing (pricing is subject to change at any time without notice).

Toll-Free Telephone Technical Support

Toll-free telephone technical support is available on a subscription basis.  We offer a variety of support plans starting at $399 for six months of unlimited service - single user.  Support can also be purchased in 1-hour blocks for only $129 per hour (counted by the minute, not per incident, expires 6 months after purchase).  Contact us for details regarding the different support options available to you.  You can reach our technical support staff by calling 1-888-258-2552 or by e-mailing support@altapoint.com.

The scope of this service includes: explanation of the software's features and usage, and basic software trouble shooting. Telephone support does not include hardware trouble shooting or support, network trouble shooting or support, forms or report creation, data manipulation or data corruption issues

Customization Services

Many kinds of data can be accessed and printed from AltaPoint using the right customized tool.

Customized Printouts

Custom Reports (Statements, Invoices, Vaccination Certificates): $199

Data Corruption

AltaPoint software comes equipped with an advanced utility to rebuild the system's data files in the event of data damage. Data damage can occur for a number of reasons including: improper program shut down, improper windows shut down, electrical power failure, static electricity, and other hardware related problems. In the event of such a data-corruption situation, it is always best to restore your data from a recent backup. If you do not have a recent backup, AltaPoint can attempt to repair your data files at a rate of $100.00 per hour (1 hour minimum.) Data repair cannot be guaranteed, however, AltaPoint will provide its best efforts to return to you the data in working order and with all records that could be salvaged.

Back-Up Systems

We strongly urge all AltaPoint users to make regular back-ups of their data using a ZIP Drive, a CD-RW, or some other attended back-up system.  Additionally, we strongly recommend that offices using AltaPoint keep several dated backups on file and take a back-up of the data off-site to prevent loss in event of fire or theft.  We strongly discourage the use of tape back-ups or any unattended back-up system as the sole source of backing up data, as they are sometimes unreliable and difficult to work with in the event that you need to restore data from a back-up.

Program Updates and Bug Fixes

Program updates and bug fixes are available free of charge and may be downloaded from this page at any time.

Program upgrades which include enhancements and improvements to the product are available at a reduced rate to existing customers. The cost of each program upgrade is set at the time the upgrade is announced.

Program Updates

The selected AltaPoint program must already be installed on your system and you will need a valid serial number and activation key to use the update.

IMPORTANT!  Make sure you have a current backup of your data files before installing any update. If you are running a multi-user version of AltaPoint, make sure to install the update on each computer that uses AltaPoint before using the system.

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